All you need to know about the Infinity Balustrade System

Beauty. The first word that comes to mind when you think of our Infinity System, Beauty. It’s minimalistic, it’s clean, and most importantly it’s beautiful.






This stunning Infinity glass balustrade offers a near unbroken view, with customisable posts and glass panels that can be cut to size. Give your balcony a modern look with this strong, durable and minimalistic system. SHS Products range of aluminium balustrades and railings are made from IAS components, precision fabricated parts that go through a “Quality Assurance Program” as well as a 5-stage powder coating system to ensure the highest standards.

With aluminium posts slotting in between each pane of glass, the Infinity systems can add elegance to a domestic home without taking anything away from an existing view.

For commercial projects the infinity system can add class, luxury and modernise a setting. Who doesn’t want that?





When you’re updating your home you want the peace of mind that can be found with SHS. Choose from a wide range of colours for you posts including Silver Matt, Black, White, Coastal Grey and many others.

Personalising your system does not stop there, whether it be for toughened or toughened laminated, clear or frosted glass are, all are cut to size in line with building regulations. We’ve got it all here at SHS.






Care and Maintenanceinfinity8

Your railing should be cleaned at least twice a year with a mild, non-abrasive soap and water, using a soft sponge. Rinse the product from top to bottom, wipe dry with a soft, dry cloth. In areas where salts and pollutants are more prevalent then the railings should be cleaned more frequently.

Environmental impact; if the product is installed within one mile of a salt water coastline or any area prone to saltwater spray, a monthly inspection and cleaning of the aluminium surface is required to regain the products original luster and quality.




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