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This blog takes a look back over some of the bespoke systems we at SHS Products have worked on over the years.

A bespoke system is one made to order by SHS Products and customized for the use of the customer. We will look at a selection of commercial and domestic systems and explain why they’re bespoke.

You can mix together certain systems to make a unique balustrade design.


Bespoke Systems: Commercial

We have worked on a number of unusual bespoke commercial systems. Here are a few examples.

Safety railings

bespoke system - safety railing

This system is used to guard a propane tank ensuring the safety of passers-by. This bespoke system was made to order and uses our railing systems only without our glass infills.

Patio table dividers for a sea view cafe

bespoke system, patio dividers

This system is very bespoke; It uses our Elegance posts, but uses two types of glass. It has a frosted glass lower infill, with a clear glass upper infill. We weld all the posts together for strength, creating the perfect contemporary table dividers for this seaside cafe.

We scored an absolute strike with this next system!

bespoke system, bowling centre

This bespoke system in a bowling centre uses our Professional balustrade with customized glass. It has a frosted interior with a transparent border with the company logo featured inside.

Balustrade Done; Time To Relax

bespoke system, garden steps

This bespoke system is unusual. It is made entirely out of our stainless steel handrails but has additional stainless handrails and glass infills in the walls.


Bespoke Systems: Domestic

We’ve worked on a substantial amount of domestic residential systems too.


Two different systems, one job!

bespoke system, rear garden

Our Wire Rope combined our Professional system, we didn’t think it would work, but it totally does! Our Professional system has a tinted glass infill which merges into our Wire Rope System when descending down the steps.

Gold standard, Bronze glass

bespoke systems, patio area

Again our Professional system is used, but this time it has a bronze glass infill which gives the decked area a completely different look.

All systems supplied by SHS are made with either Toughened or Toughened Laminated safety glass.

For more information or for any queries you may have, call our team today on 01922-743-842 or why not build you own basic system via our smart builder tool.



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