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Choosing the Safest Balcony Railing for Your Home

balcony railing for home

Family safety is one of the most important considerations for your home. A beautiful interior is something many people strive for, but it shouldn’t come at the detriment of health and safety. Having the appropriate balcony railing in place will help keep your stairs, doors, windows, and other areas safe without sacrificing your unique style. […]

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Which Balustrade Is Best for Composite Decking Ideas?

decking ideas

Decking is a great way to join your indoor and outdoor spaces together, providing a safe and accessible area where you can sit and enjoy your garden. Here we’ve listed some great decking ideas. In homes and public spaces, decking can be used as a landscaping feature or an extension of inside space. Made from […]

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Glass Porch Canopy: Why It’s the Perfect All-Weather Addition to Your Home

The warmer weather is finally upon us, and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than making the most of your garden? Being outdoors comes with many health benefits, and the sunshine is a great excuse to get together with friends and family. In the UK, however, we never know how the weather is going […]

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Glass Pool Fencing – What Are the Benefits?

Swimming pools provide endless hours of fun during the summer months. However, they can also be dangerous without the correct safety features in place. This is why adequate pool fencing is so important. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under four. Therefore, appropriate fencing is a worthwhile investment for the health and safety […]

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Your Summer Garden: How Garden Railings & Balustrades Can Help

As the summer months approach, we might start thinking about our outdoor space and how we can design an area that really helps us make the most of the sunshine. Incorporating balustrades, railings and handrails into the design of your summer garden helps to separate spaces, offers safety to raised features or steps and brings […]

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Balustrades for Patios: What Are Your Options?

Balustrades for patios: what to bear in mind There are several different elements to bear in mind when it comes to choosing balustrades for patios. Let’s look at these features in detail to help you choose the right balustrades for your home. Style Materials Space Safety Style Balustrades for patios draw the eye and create […]

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Why Choose Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrades?

wire rope balustrade

In both interior and exterior design, the balustrade is critical for both safety and décor. Consisting of vertical posts spaced to support a top rail, balustrades help form staircases, terraces and balconies in a variety of different spaces, while also serving as space dividers and barriers. A well-placed balustrade can bring a sleek, modern look […]

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Frameless Glass Balustrade Prices: What Can You Expect To Pay?

glass balustrade prices

  The modern design of staircases, balconies and other building features is reliant upon the balustrade. It is integral to many elements of construction and decoration, but it’s also easy to get confused between balustrades, banisters, handrails, and other design features. Specifically, balustrades are a network of railings supported by vertical posts – these are […]

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