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Decking Balustrades: The Super Six

Breath-Taking Decking Balustrading & Deck Railing Systems

When you put down decking you want to top it off with something stylish and practical. Real wood or composite decking can be complimented by any of our breath-taking balustrades. Most deck railing systems are simple to install and with a range of customization options. The decking balustrades we’ve chosen below are the super 6 decking balustrades perfect for patio decks, outdoor flooring areas, verandas and of course, decking. Adding a decking area to your garden can prove beneficial in multiple ways, whether this be for barbecues, outdoor entertaining, to surround a pool or sandpit, a play area for children or even just somewhere to relax!

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We have 6 stunning balustrades that can be applied to decking;

The Elegance Balustrade System
The Clarion Balustrade
The Infinity Balustrade
The Palisade Railing Balustrade
The Professional Balustrade
The Square –tube Balustrade

These are a diverse set of Glass Decking Balustrades and Steel Deck Railings including Stainless Steel with the Elegance, Clarion, Professional and Square Post and Powder Coated Aluminium railings in the form of the Infinity and Palisade systems. Some have glass, some have spindle infills. For SHS a decking area wouldn’t be complete without a balustrade. Adding a balustrade to your decking area can really change the dynamic of your garden design for all the right reasons. Whether you require a traditional, modern, elegant, stylish or even a clean look, we have a railing system for your decking.

When considering the most suitable decking balustrades you may wish to consider a coloured glass to compliment the steel deck railings. We can offer, frosted, bronze and grey generally used if you would prefer a little privacy when enjoying your deck balustrading.

As with all steel decking balustrades you should also include a maintenance programme to keep the appearance at its best at all times. Glass deck railings can be maintained easily and our Customer Service Team can issue a document to outline a maintenance programme for your new glass deck railing.

UK Planning Permission for decking is not needed in cases where the decking is not more than 300mm off the ground and that including other extensions the decking does not cover more than 50% of the garden area. For the most up to date information please visit

Building Regulations apply in cases where Planning Permission is required. In accordance with Building Regulations for private dwellings in England, if your decking height is up to 600mm from ground level, there is a minimum balustrade height of 900mm. If the decking height is over 600mm from ground level your balustrade will need to be a minimum height of 1100mm. This information was correct at the time of publishing for more detailed information please visit


Call an advisor today for more Building Regulations advice.

Balustrade System Elegance Glass Infill Standard Height 1100mm Material Stainless Steel & Glass Customization Options Glass Type& Colour
Balustrade System Professional Glass Infill Standard Height 1100mm Material Stainless Steel & Glass Customization Options Glass Type& Colour 
Balustrade System Square Post Glass Infill  ✓ Standard Height 1100mm  Material Stainless Steel & Glass Customization Options  Glass Type& Colour
Balustrade System Infinity Glass Infill Standard Height 1100mm  Material Powder Coated Aluminium & Glass Customization Options Glass Type, Colour & Post Colour
Balustrade System Palisade Glass Infill X Standard Height min. 1000mm  Material Powder Coated Aluminium Customization Options Post Caps include Flat, Ball and LED Light
Balustrade System  Clarion Glass Infill Standard Height 1100mm  Material Stainless Steel & Glass Customization Options Glass Type & Colour

Each systems has its own unique qualities, no matter what look you are going for we can provide, traditional with the Palisade system, modern with the infinity system, clean look with the Clarion and Square – tube system, stylish with the Elegance system and durable with the Professional system. Whatever your design dream might be, we have it covered! Our balustrade range gives you the design adjustability to achieve a look that suits your decking and garden area.


Both glass Deck Balustrades and Steel decking balustrades are a wonderful addition to any area, glass deck railings if you want to enjoy the views are the most popular and our Team of Advisers are waiting to help and make the whole process as simple as possible.