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There’s no such thing as a silly question. While we are on the phone to our customers gathering information for their balustrade we get asked lots of questions. Some of them are more common and asked more frequently than others. Here we will answer some of those most frequently asked questions.


Do I need a top rail?

One question we get asked a lot is ‘Do I need a handrail?’ and the truth is, only 2 of our systems are not available with a handrail.


SHS Products - Elegance glass balustrade on decking


SHS Products - Infinity glass balustrade on pation

All of our other systems either come with a top rail as standard or have the option of adding a top rail.

You do not need a handrail to comply with Building Regulations, however; if you do not use a top rail you will need a specific type of glass. You will need to use Toughened Laminated glass of a width of 21.5mm to ensure it is safe to use.

A top rail can also be used to add an extra bit of height to your balustrade. If your balustrade is not the correct height to comply with Building Regulations, you can add a top rail on to add to the height.


How Big is the baseplate?

At SHS Products, we offer two different baseplates and we have the round baseplate and the square baseplate.

Round Baseplate

The round baseplate has a diameter of 120mm for the full plate and a diameter of 42.7mm for the center hole that holds your stainless steel posts.

Diagram showing dimensions of a round baseplate

Square Baseplate

The square baseplate has dimensions of 110mm x 110mm and 24mm depth from the floor to the top of the baseplate.

diagram showing dimensions of a square baseplate


Is It safe Free-Standing?

All of the systems we hold strength testing certificates for were tested when they were free-standing. So yes, your balustrade will be safe if it is free-standing.


Do we offer any different colours for our stainless steel posts?

The only system we offer in a range of different colours is our infinity system. We supply:



Silver Matt

Coastal Grey

Anthracite Grey (RAL7016)

However, all of our other balustrade systems come with the option of having a Satin or Mirror polished finish.


For more information about any of our Balustrade systems or if you have a question that we haven’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call a member of our team today on 01922 743842 or find us on social media. We operate on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.



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