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Fitting Your Balustrade: Fixing Depths & Compatible Materials

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There are lots of details to consider before buying a balustrade, but that’s why our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. You shouldn’t wait until the installation stage to find out what depth you need to fix your posts or channel base into. Ensuring your fixing area is suitable for what you want is crucial. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide below to show you what systems are compatible with what type of surface and the depth you need to fit into.


Fixing Depth

This one will be quick. As a minimum you will need 150mm of adequate substrate (fixing material e.g. steel) to fix your posts to.


Fixing Materials

Always find out exactly what you are fixing your system into. You may think you have solid bricks that turn out to be ventilated bricks. It’s also crucial to work out the dimensions and location of any cavities or insulation as these will impact how your balustrade will be fixed.


Wood, Metal, Brick or Concrete

The systems pictured below are suitable for fixing into wood, metal, brick or concrete surfaces.

SHS Products - Professional Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrade
Professional Glass Balustrade
SHS Products - Stainless Steel and Glass Square Tube Balustrade
Square Tube Glass Balustrade
SHS Products - Pinion Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrade
Pinion Glass Balustrade
SHS Products - Elegance Glass Balustrade - Cream Slab Patio
Elegance Glass Balustrade
SHS Products - Infinity Glass Balustrade - Aluminium Glass Balustrade
Infinity Glass Balustrade
SHS Products - Palisade Aluminium Railing Poolside
Palisade Railing
SHS Products - Wire Rope Stainless Steel Cable Balustrade Restaurant Decking
Wire Rope Balustrade

Steel or Concrete

The systems below are compatible with steel or concrete surfaces.

SHS Products - Stainless Steel Clarion Glass Balustrade Swimming Pool Fencing
Clarion Glass Balustrade
SHS Products - Round Spigot Glass Balustrade Poolside
Spigot Glass Balustrade
SHS Products - Balcony Side Fixed Glass Button Stainless Steel Balustrade
Glass Button Balustrade
SHS Products - Frameless Glass Balustrade Stainless Steel Cladding
Frameless Glass Balustrade
SHS Products - Afina Aluminium Glass Balustrade
Afina Glass Balustrade

Metal, Brick or Concrete

Our Professional Juliet Balcony is the only product we currently offer that we suggest fitting into only metal, brick or concrete.

SHS Products Professional Glass Juliet Balcony
Professional Juliet Glass Balcony


Our Parasol and Parasol Plus glass canopies, exclusive to SHS Products, are the systems we recommend fitting into steel only.

SHS Products Parasol Glass Canopy Porches on Street
Parasol Glass Canopy
SHS Products Parasol Plus Glass Canopy Anodised Aluminium Track
Parasol Plus Glass Canopy











At SHS Products we have strength test certification for fitting into concrete and steel in line with industry standards. Contact our team today to discuss your options further, or try our 3D online balustrade planner and quote tool.



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