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Breath-Taking Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems

Meet our Frameless Glass Balustrade System where you can enjoy the view in all its glory.


£221 per metre*

Typical Example

*When bought as a full system excluding VAT and DELIVERY (RRP £75). Additional optional costs may apply, subject to requirements. Cost of aluminium shoe and glass components included. Prices are subject to change, please contact our team for further information.

UK’s leading manufacturer of Glass and Stainless Steel.

This versatile system can be used internally or externally, featuring an aluminium shoe channel and glass infill with the added option of attaching a top rail. We can supply you with a variety of different sizes compliant to building regulations, which you can customize with clear or frosted glass.

View our gallery for inspiration on what you can do with the Frameless glass balustrades, or read our guide to find out more.

Like a snowflake, no balustrade system is the same. From length to levels, glass colour to steel finish, SHS gives you a range of choices. Call now for a friendly chat with our balustrade specialist team to hear more about how we can customize your frameless system. Once you’ve made the important decisions a CAD specialist technician will draw up your unique design. Great service doesn’t stop there, if you have any questions after your purchase simply contact our service team who will answer any questions you may have.

The SHS team want to make adding a stylish balustrade system to your home simple. That’s why we work with you to ensure your using the right material grade of steel and why we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions. Installing your system? Then we have handy written guides and videos. You don’t want to install it? Then we have experience fitters who can do it for you.

When buying a balustrade for a commercial property there are variables to consider, the quality of the steel and glass, the price, how it will adhere to health and safety rules and ensuring the system will fit in with building regulations.

SHS will work alongside you to ensure you tick all the boxes. The Frameless balustrade system is strength tested and we will provide you with the test certificate upon delivery.

Cladding & Top Rail Finishes Satin OR Mirror Glass Options Coloured (21.5mm only), Clear OR Frosted
Material Grades
(for cladding & top rail)
Channel Construction 12mm OR 15-19
Aluminium Channel
Tube Diameters
(Gasket required with
rail to suit glass size)
42.4mm Glass Grips 5 per metre
Standard Height
(To top of glass or rail)
Other heights available
Gaskets per metre
Sticky with cladding
Push in. Please note that Cladding is provided in 3m lengths, you will need to cut the cladding to size.
Suggested: Mark the cladding with tape and cut using an angle grinder with cutting knife, or a hacksaw.
Glass Thickness 12mm Toughened,
15mm Toughened~,
17.5 Toughened Laminated, 19mm Toughened
OR 21.5mm Laminated~
Compatible Fixings Metal
OR Concrete

Please note: there is a 20mm gap between each glass panel in the glass Frameless balustrade system. This gap allows for safe handling of the glass as well as expansion due to large temperature changes found more commonly in outdoor applications.

~ These glass sizes are compliant with Building Regulations.

Balustrade Test Certificate for StrengthSHS Products - Balustrade system is building regulations compliantSHS Products - Manufactured in the UK

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  • The Aluminium Channel Shoe seen here is part of our Frameless Glass Balustrade System. This product is available with two types of construction including, 12mm and 15mm channels that are suitable for all Frameless glass panels. This Aluminium channel shoe is sold in 3 metre lengths as standard.

    £171.60 inc VAT
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  • The Isolator Grip seen here is a 2 part panel. Grip isolators are used within the channel to lock the glass into position. 1 part is to be either side of the glass directly opposite the other.

    Isolator Grips

    £9.90 inc VAT
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  • This 90° Corner Base is an aluminium base corner measuring at 150mm x 150mm as outside dimensions.


    £39.60 inc VAT
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  • The Rubber Gasket slots over the Glass to secure the top rail of the Frameless Glass Balustrade system, the rail is sold in 1m lengths.

    Rubber Gasket

    £5.94 inc VAT
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  • The Cladding Rubber Gasket is suitable for attachment to a Aluminium Channel Shoe, these tubes are sold in 1m lengths.

    £4.36 inc VAT
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  • The Square Rubber Gasket seen here is suitable for placement in the aluminium Channel shoe, these are sold in 1m lengths.

    £5.08 inc VAT
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  • The cladding pictured here is a component in the Frameless glass balustrade system. This cladding slots over the Cladding Rubber Gasket, which can be purchased separately here.


    £36.30£49.50 inc VAT
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  • The Drain Block seen here is an aluminium base Drain Block measuring gat 63.5 x 63.5 x 2.0, and is used below the channel tube to allow water to drain.

    Drain Block

    £1.33 inc VAT
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  • The Slotted End Cap is used for the capping of handrails that do not require fixing to a wall. We provided Slotted end Caps for the Frameless glass Balustrade system.

    Slotted End Cap

    £12.47 inc VAT
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  • The Slotted Wall Flange seen here is provided for the Frameless Glass Balustrade system.

    Slotted Wall Flange

    £14.70 inc VAT
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  • The Slotted Horizontal Elbow seen here is exclusive to the Frameless Glass Balustrade system. The Elbow is manufactured to suit a 42.4mm x 1.5mm tube, and is used to connect 2 pieces of handrail tube horizontally.

    £32.34 inc VAT
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  • The slotted handrail listed here is made from Grade 316 Stainless Steel, allowing it to be used in external areas. It is supplied in 3 metre lengths and has a 42.4mm diameter with a 1.5mm thickness.

    £87.12 inc VAT
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  • The Toughened Laminated Glass Panel listed here is specifically for the Frameless Glass Balustrade system. It measures 1000mm wide by 1080mm high to fit Frameless Balustrade range.

    £198.00£211.20 inc VAT
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  • The Toughened Glass Panel pictured here is only suitable for the Frameless balustrade system. Its measurements are 1080mm high by 1000m wide with a variety of thicknesses including 12mm and 19mm.

    £105.60£198.00 inc VAT
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  • Frameless Glass Balustrade 1 metre straight run.



    £243.10 inc VAT
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