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Glass Canopy

Welcome our new addition to the glass family!

Glass Canopies: Parasol and Parasol Plus


A Glass Canopy is the perfect alternative to the cost of a porch, providing year round shelter for the exterior doors of any domestic property. A Glass Canopy gives an elegant touch, whilst giving you the ability to utilise outdoor space more efficiently.

Our Glass Door Canopies, Parasol and Parasol Plus are constructed using silver anodised aluminium and laminated glass. They feature a cleverly-designed rotating hook system that allows for easy and straightforward installation. They are also stronger than ever, and can hold a wide range of glass sizes – You’re sure to find something that suits your needs! Need something made to measure? We can help there to, contact us with your measurements to get a bespoke quote.

The Parasol glass canopy products are package products and the components cannot be sold separately.


The Parasol Glass Canopies are perfect for both domestic and commercial applications; whether you want a minimalist but contemporary addition to your office door or something to prevent the raindrops falling on your head as you look for your house keys – the Parasol is a great choice. With a range of sizes to choose from (See ‘Specifications’ tab for more info) you’re sure to find something that meets your requirements.


Glass Thickness 17.5mm Glass Type Toughened Laminated
Glass Sizes Available 1140 x 800mm

1440 x 800mm

1800 x 800mm

2000 x 800mm

2200 x 800mm

Compatible Fixings Resin and Thread
Wall Track Material Aluminium  Wall Track Finish  Satin


Parasol Plus:

Glass Thickness 21.5mm Glass Type Toughened Laminated
Glass Sizes Available 1140 x 1200mm

1440 x 1200mm

1800 x 1200mm

2000 x 1200mm

2200 x 1200mm

Compatible Fixings Resin and Thread
Wall Track Material Aluminium  Wall Track Finish  Satin


The Parasol/Parasol Plus canopies can be supplied in lengths of up to 3 metres.

Components include: Aluminium Wall Track, Gasket, Stopper, Trimming, 2 x Covers, 2 x End Caps, Adjusting Levellers, Bottom Cladding and Fixing Cladding.


Installation Guide:

• Mark out on the wall where you will be fixing the Parasol wall track.

• Use a spirit-level to make sure it’s plumb.

• Pre-drill the fixing holes in the wall.

• Hold the wall track in place (You will need mechanical lifting equipment or multiple people to hold this) and attach with fixing screws. The number of these will vary depending on the length of the wall track.

• Spin down the adjusting levellers and space these out evenly along the wall track.

• Slide in the stopper gasket.

• Place your glass onto the wall track. The side of the glass that will be inserted into the wall track will have small semi-circles cut into the sides to allow for the glass stoppers in the wall track.

• Tighten the adjusting levellers with a spanner.

• Place the end caps onto the wall track and fix with screws.

• Slot on the bottom cladding and the fixing cladding.