Indoor Glass and Railing Balustrade Inspiration

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In this blog we look at the various ways that balustrades are used indoors to modernize various domestic and commercial spaces. We are taking you through three examples of indoor balustrades. We will explain to you where they can be used, which systems can be used and which systems we recommend.





Our balustrade systems are used as banisters in both commercial and domestic settings. We believe all of our balustrade systems do work for a project like this. However, this particular job uses our Professional system, in a commercial show room.

We recommend using either our Glass Button system, our Professional System or our Square Tube system. All of these systems apart from the Square Tube come with the option of side fitting which is a valuable option when going up stairs. It adds a clean and smooth finish to your banister without interrupting the flow of the stairs.


Mezzanine Balconies

architectural frameless interior


You could also use our balustrade systems for mezzanine floor balconies. The system above and below is our Frameless glass balustrade system that can come with a top rail if requested.

We would recommend our Frameless system as it allows light to flow through the room and opens the room up.



Indoor Swimming Pools

We do also offer balustrades as a guard for your swimming pool. The photograph above shows off our professional system as it separates the pool and Jacuzzi areas of this pool room. We recommend the Mirror polish for Stainless Steel in swimming pool areas.

We recommend using any of the following systems: Clarion, Spigot, Elegance or Professional. Our Clarion and Spigot systems offer maximum visibility. While our Elegance and Professional offer an optional glass gate.

Glass Balustrade Square Spigot Stainless Steel next to Swimming Pool

All of our systems are made with either Toughened or Toughened Laminated safety glass.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding our balustrades then don’t hesitate to call our team today!



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