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Infinity Glass Balustrade

The Infinity Glass Balustrade system offers a near unbroken view, with customizable posts and glass frames that can be cut to size.


£190 per metre*

Typical Example

When bought as a full system excluding VAT and DELIVERY (RRP £75). Additional optional costs may apply, subject to requirements. Cost of powder coated aluminium and glass components included. Prices are subject to change, please contact our team for further information.

UK’s leading manufacturer of Glass and Stainless Steel.

Give your balcony a modern look with this strong, durable and minimalistic system. Choose from a wide range of colours for your posts including Silver Matt, Black, White, Coastal Grey and many others, please contact our specialists to confirm availability and please be advised prices may vary.

Personalising the system doesn’t stop there, options for toughened or laminate, clear and frosted glass are , all cut to size in line with building regulations.

Use our instant online quoting tool to produce a guide price to your specifications, or read our guide for further guidance.

If you want something different, and judging by the square post you’ve been looking at you do, then SHS can help. We’ll take your requirements into consideration and offer the best solution to fit your property and style.

Our balustrade specialists will go through the options with you, our expert CAD team will produce the drawing and our friendly service team will answer any questions you have during and after the ordering process.

When you’re updating your home you want the peace of mind that can be found with SHS. If you have any questions during and after your purchase we will be here to answer. Contact us today to find out more about the SHS service and check out our 5 star TrustPilot reviews below.

With a commercial project you don’t want to sacrifice quality or squander money. With our balustrade systems you don’t have to do either, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

We also understand the regulations that construction site have to operate under and can work with you to supply the right balustrade system. The Infinity system comes with a test certification ensuring safety in our high quality balustrades.

Maximum Post Centres 1500mm Post Finishes Black, Silver Matt,
White or Coastal Grey.
Other colours also available.
Material Powder Coated Aluminium Glass Options Clear OR Frosted
Post Height 1020mm Base Plates Available 100mm square
Standard Height
(To top of glass)
1100mm Compatible Fixings Wood, Metal,
Brick or Concrete
Glass Thickness 12mm Toughened,
11.5mm Laminate
Post Construction Aluminium Upright,
Base plate,
Sleeve for glass

Balustrade Test Certificate for StrengthSHS Products - Balustrade system is building regulations compliantSHS Products - Manufactured in the UK

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  • The Intermediate Mid Post comes as a 12mm insert and Silver powder coated, an inside corner post, an outside corner post and an end post will also be supplied for this system.

    £120.00 inc VAT
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  • This Inside Corner Post measures at 12mm insert, and is available in either Silver powder coated, Black powder coated, Coastal Grey Powder coated, White Powder coated and many more depending on your bespoke requirements.

    £120.00 inc VAT
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  • The Outside Corner post is supplied as part of the Infinity Glass Balustrade system. This outside post measures as a 12mm insert.

    £120.00 inc VAT
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  • The product you see is the End Post 12mm insert, supplied for the Infinity Glass Balustrade system.

    End Post – Silver

    £120.00 inc VAT
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  • The Inside Corner Post seen here is supplied for the Infinity Glass Balustrade System.

    £120.00 inc VAT
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  • This Outside corner you can see is a 12mm insert for the Infinity Glass Balustrade System, supplied in powder coated aluminium with colours ranging from Black, White, Silver and Coastal grey, as well as many others.

    £120.00 inc VAT
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  • This Intermediate “Mid Post” seen here measures as a 12mm insert. We supply the Mid post in Black powder coated aluminium.

    £120.00 inc VAT
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  • The End Post seen here is the final piece to the Infinity Glass Balustrade puzzle. Supplied in powdered coated black aluminium, the Mid Post has a height of 1050mm and the glass panel will rise above by 50mm.

    End Post – Black

    £120.00 inc VAT
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  • The Thick Toughened Glass Panel seen here is exclusive to the Infinity Glass Balustrade system, measuring at 1050mm x 1100mm with a 12mm thickness. Larger glass sizes are available up to 1500mm in width, contact our advisors today for more information.

    £90.75 inc VAT
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  • The Thick Toughened Laminated Glass Panel seen here is provided for the Infinity Glass Balustrade system and measures at 11.5mm.

    £142.50 inc VAT
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