Introducing the Afina Glass Balustrade!

SHS Products - Afina Glass Aluminium Balustrade

Give a big welcome to the newest addition to the SHS Products’ balustrade range; the Afina glass balustrade! This durable lightweight aluminium glass railing is exclusive to SHS and has the additional benefit of being easy to install.

Another benefit is that it’s unique design allows you to adjust the level of your glass panels from one side of the railing. This means your fitter can make sure your glass is plumb in safety from the internal side of your balcony.


SHS Products - AFINA all glass balustrade


Commercial & Domestic Building Use

The Afina balustrade lends itself extremely well to homes, offices as well as shopping centres, showrooms and more. It’s minimal obstructions to the view lets a property stand out and the occupiers truly enjoy their scenery. Our teams have designed and installed the Afina balustrade system on large construction projects here in the UK. We have the experience and knowledge to make the bespoke system to fit your project.



SHS Products - Afina Base Channel





This system was specifically designed to reduce the time it takes to install your system with it’s pre-assembled/pre-drilled track and one side glass levelling adjusters. Fitting the Afina system is simple and straightforward. You won’t have a million parts to fit together as our base channel comes pre-assembled. Once fixed to your ground surface with the glass panel inserted, simply adjust the screws or glass levellers inside the track with our supplied spanner. For a more in-depth look at fitting the Afina balustrade read our brochure here.




SHS Products - Afina Opaque Glass Balustrade


Care & Maintenance

This system also benefits from being constructed from anodised aluminium. This type of aluminium has many benefits including excellent corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and the process of anodising leaves the metal with a beautiful sheen.

SHS recommend regular annual maintenance of fasteners, as over time they may loosen and therefore need to be tightened as necessary.


For more information on this system or to find out how we can make a bespoke Afina system for you.



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