Introducing Our Juliet Balcony
On Shakespeare’s Bday

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SHS are proud to announce our Professional Juliet balconies that will be available to order online. When will they be available? That’ll be on Shakespeare’s birthday, (the one most people agree on) 24th April.

The Professional Juliet Balcony - SHS Products
The Professional Juliet Balcony

Why that day in particular you ask? If you haven’t guessed it, it’s because the name Juliet balcony comes from one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Romeo & Juliet, which featured a scene with a false balcony where the heroine looked out and confessed her feelings, unaware that Romeo was nearby. Though it goes by many other names; balconette and false balcony to name a few, the most common is a Juliet balcony.

A balconette is a railing that is placed across a window or door opening.  Although originally more common in hotter climates like Spain, they are quickly becoming a popular choice within the UK too. When the summer rolls around, it’s the perfect way to make the most of the outdoors without paying the costly price of a balcony.


Buy Online

From the 24th April you will be able to purchase our Professional Juliet Balcony. Made from Grade 316 Satin polished Stainless Steel with 10mm Toughened Safety Glass. Our online sizes go up to 2 metres in length. For anything over this size, other components and factors will need to be considered, call our team to find out more and get a tailor made quote.


Need something bespoke?

If you need specific dimensions over 2 metres in length, if you require coloured or laminated glass then do not fear. SHS Products can supply the previously mentioned features but you won’t find them in our online products. Call our advisors and they will be happy to help create something suitable for your needs. Alternatively fill out a contact form on the right hand side of this page.



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