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All You Need To Know About The Glass Canopy

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Our product range is growing all the time here at SHS Products. The newest addition to our vast collection is the fabulous Glass Canopy.


SHS Products - Glass Canopy

The Glass Canopy launched this year, is entirely self-supporting and makes a perfect addition to your home#s exterior. The canopy holds itself up There is no need for any pillars to hold the canopy up, which means you retain more space outside. What’s more, this product shield your visitors from the UK weather. A glass canopy will add convenience as well as a contemporary visual aesthetic to any home.

Want to modernise your porch? Get the job done, beginner DIY skills are enough to see you through! It’s as simple as a lick of paint and installing the canopy through a simple 10-step process. Read more about how to install the product by clicking here.


There are 2 standard Glass Canopy sizes available from SHS Products;

1140mm x 800mm glass panel with 2 brackets and

1440mm x 800mm panel, also with 2 brackets.

If these two sizes don’t fit your requirements, bespoke sizes are available. You can call to speak with our advisors if you would like to know more about bespoke options.
SHS Products - Glass Canopy


The Canopies are constructed of Tubular Grade 316 Stainless Steel with a stunning Satin polish finish. This is the smoothest of the special non-reflective finishes as well as resistant to corrosion, which makes it simply perfect for most external applications. It fixes onto your doorway with two L-shaped cantilever brackets that protrude from the wall and support the pre-drilled glass which is clear and toughened for safety. We manufacture the canopies and construct them in-house, so our staff can oversee and completely manage the quality of the product from start to finish.

To find advice on the maintenance and care of the Glass Canopies, please see our Glass Canopy page here. You won’t have to do any major maintenance, but we do advise that you check your fixings have not worked loose, especially in the winter months due to high wind speeds.



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