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Introducing Our Juliet Balcony
On Shakespeare’s Bday

SHS are proud to announce our Professional Juliet balconies that will be available to order online. When will they be available? That’ll be on Shakespeare’s birthday, (the one most people agree on) 24th April.

The Professional Juliet Balcony - SHS Products

The Professional Juliet Balcony


Why that day in particular you ask? If you haven’t guessed it, it’s because the name Juliet balcony comes from one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Romeo & Juliet, which featured a scene with a false balcony where the heroine looked out and confessed her feelings, unaware that Romeo was nearby. Though it goes by many other names; balconette and false balcony to name a few, the most common is a Juliet balcony.

A balconette is a railing that is placed across a window or door opening.  Although originally more common in hotter climates like Spain, they are quickly becoming a popular choice within the UK too. When the summer rolls around, it’s the perfect way to make the most of the outdoors without paying the costly price of a balcony.


Buy Online

From the 24th April you will be able to purchase our Professional Juliet Balcony. Made from Grade 316 Satin polished Stainless Steel with 10mm Toughened Safety Glass. Our online sizes go up to 2 metres in length. For anything over this size, other components and factors will need to be considered, call our team to find out more and get a tailor made quote.


Need something bespoke?

If you need specific dimensions over 2 metres in length, if you require coloured or laminated glass then do not fear. SHS Products can supply the previously mentioned features but you won’t find them in our online products. Call our advisors and they will be happy to help create something suitable for your needs. Alternatively fill out a contact form on the right hand side of this page.

Introducing our new Parasol Glass Canopies!

At SHS Products we are constantly on the search for new products to satisfy our discerning customers’ needs. Today we are excited to announce that we have two brand new Glass Canopies to offer… the Parasol and Parasol Plus Glass Canopies.

These canopies are perfect for both commercial and domestic applications; so whether you want to modernize the entrance to your office building or have something to keep raindrops off your head while you’re searching for your house keys, the Parasol canopies are a great choice. What’s the difference between the Parasol and the Parasol Plus?


SHS Products - Linear Mini Glass Canopy



The Parasol canopy is constructed using 17.5mm Toughened Laminated glass and comes out from the wall track at 800mm.





SHS Products - Parasol Plus Glass Canopy


Parasol Plus

If you are in need something bigger then we have just the product for you. The Parasol Plus comprises of 21.5mm Toughened Laminated glass which can have a projection of 1200mm instead.




Materials Used

Whatever size best suits your needs these canopies can both be fitted using resin and thread. The wall track is composed of adonised satin finish aluminium. Adonization is an electrochemical process that thickens the metal. This helps make the metal surface durable and corrosion resistant. The material used here makes this canopy extremely low maintenance.

The Laminated glass is made up of 2 panels of Toughened safety glass with an EVA plastic interlayer. The Toughening process makes the glass panel 5 times stronger than regular annealed glass. The Laminated panels will stay together if broken because of the plastic interlayer. So you can rest assured you will be safe beneath these glass canopies.



Install these beautiful products in fewer than 10 steps. Visit our Parasol glass canopies page here for full instructions. We do advise that you use lifting equipment for glass panels where possible.

If you have any questions feel free to call our friendly team or email us your enquiry.

Steel Finishes: Satin vs. Mirror
– What’s the Difference?

Imagine this, you’re shopping for a new balustrade and you scroll through the specifications table to see ‘Satin’ and ‘Mirror’ in the ‘Finishes’ section… but what exactly is the difference?

Before we go into the differences let’s talk about their similarities. Both Satin and Mirror are types of Stainless Steel finish. Keep in mind that the finish is completely separate from the grades of the steel. At SHS Products we offer Grade 316 for both indoor and outdoor use as Grade 304 doesn’t fair well against the elements. However, some companies may only supply Grade 304 for indoor use. Our Stainless Steel can be polished and brushed to a Satin or Mirror finish, depending on your requirements. Stainless Steel does exactly what it says on the tin, it stains less! However, this doesn’t mean a little maintenance won’t be needed. No matter what the finish, we recommend you clean all areas of your balustrade every few months.


SHS Products - Satin Polish Stainless Steel Balustrade


Satin Finish

This polishing process creates a great texture and overall appearance of the steel. The Satin Finish provides a matte finish that is perfect for architectural applications where appearance is a priority. The Satin Finish is a more affordable option for your project than the Mirror Finish, however this finish would not be suitable for certain applications such as in coastal or high humidity areas. (See Mirror Finish for more information) To achieve the Satin Finish, the steel is put through a 400 grit belt and then softened with a Scotchbrite cloth belt.





SHS Products - Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Balustrade


Mirror Finish

The Mirror Finish has been processed more than the Satin Finish to create a highly reflective surface. It goes through a number of grit belts of varying strengths before being buffed with soft cloth mops. We would recommend a Mirror Finish for any applications that are within 10 miles of the coast, in high-saltwater areas or places where there is high-humidity. This is due to the fact that the smoother surface of the Mirror Finish will have a higher resistance to the salt particles in the air and will prevent corrosion for longer.



SHS Jargon Buster vol. 2 – Planning Edition

We’re back with another edition of the SHS Jargon Buster, where we explain those terms in the balustrading business that can be confusing. This time around we’re focusing on terms related to planning your balustrade. Dive in and next time you chat to your builder you’ll sound like a pro.


Building Regulations

Building Regulations are the minimum requirements for design, construction and alterations to buildings as dictated by the UK government.  Planning Permission and Building Regulations are different things, but you may need both for your project. To save you going through the entire governmental guide, skip to Part K of the Building Regulations 2010 document entitled “Protection from falling, collision and impact” for the rules relating to balustrades.

Building Regs Guide - Part K Balustrades and Barriers SHS Jargon Buster Guide


Planning Permission

Planning Permission is what the planning department of your local council will allow you to do to your property. an do a certain piece of building work. If you have any questions about Planning Permission, they are your first point of contact. Decisions will vary depending on which council you’re working with.

Planning Permission for Balustrades and Barriers Jargon Buster Guide SHS Products



CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. We turn to our CAD Team (Read about them here!) whenever your balustrade cannot be made with off-the-shelf posts and components. Using state-of-the-art CAD software, they produce accurate technically-specified drawings. The team work to specific dimensions supplied by either our customers or our in-house surveyors.

CAD Computer Aided Design SHS Products Jargon Buster


Outside Measurements

The outside measurements are the measurements around the outside of the area you are applying the balustrade to.



Centreline Measurements

The centreline measurement is the measurement from the centre of the first post on the run to the centre of the last post on the run. Do this for each run and viola! You have your centreline measurements.



Maximum Centres

The ‘Maximum Centre’ is the maximum amount of space you can have between the centres of two balustrade posts. You’ll see this phrase in all of the specifications tables on this website, we wouldn’t supply balustrades with larger centres than stated as this would weaken the strength of the balustrade.


We’ll be back with more Jargon busting knowledge but in the mean time if there are any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Twitter, fill in a form or call one of our friendly staff.

All About The Steel Rod Balustrade

Stainless Steel Rod Infill Balustrade BlogComplete your project with a Stainless Steel Rod Balustrade from SHS Products – Stainless Steel posts, connected by hollow Stainless Steel tubes topped off with a handrail for a contemporary look. Adaptable and customizable to the point where you can choose how many rows you would like; this balustrade can cater to many different needs.


Steel Rod Balustrade Office Barrier

Commercial and Domestic Usage

The Steel Rod Balustrade is an ideal choice for many applications such as lining a pathway, around the edges of your decking or to compliment a staircase. Commercially, you can separate off areas such as canteens, offices or to divide up a room. This system can be constructed to suit internal or external settings. When you have bespoke requirements, we endeavour to supply the solution. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to design any balustrade system you may require while paying attention to relevant Building Regulations.


Steel Rod Balustrade Satin Polish Finish
Stainless Steel Finish

Most specifiers understand the importance of selecting a grade of stainless steel, but surface finish is just as important. SHS Products offer a Satin and Mirror polish finish. The difference between them being that Mirror has been brushed more to smooth out the surface, giving it a shinier appearance. We recommend the Mirror finish for Balustrades in high salt water areas due to it’s ability to repel the salt particles better than the Satin finish. Explore the subject is fully in The Importance of Surface Finish in the Design of Stainless Steel.

Care and Maintenance

Some people think that stainless steel’s corrosion resistant surface somehow repels dirt and other contaminants. Like any other surface, stainless steel requires some maintenance! We advise our customers to clean your Steel Rod Balustrade twice a year to keep it sparkling; washing it with mild soap or detergent and warm water before finishing it off with a clear water rinse.

Charity Donations: The Big Cheque

Charity plays a very big part in our work at SHS Products. We always endeavour to assist where we can; whether that’s straightforward donations or holding events to raise money – It’s something we hold close to our hearts.

That’s why £5 from every full balustrade order goes into the ‘charity pot’, where at the end of the year, the money gets split between St Giles Hospice (Walsall) and The British Heart Foundation, who are our two chosen charities.

St Giles Hospice offer free-of-charge specialist care for patients with cancer and other serious illnesses, as well as support for their families. They do an absolutely fantastic job, however they only receive part-funding from the government and rely heavily on the kindness of the general public.

The British Heart Foundation is the nation’s heart charity, and the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research. The BHF endeavour to create a world where people don’t die prematurely due to heart problems, and they need all the help they can get in order to win the fight against cardiovascular disease.

Over the course of last year, we managed to raise an amazing £9,175! You can see our wonderful Directors Mark Busby and Rob Witcomb below, presenting giant cheques to both the BHF and St. Giles Hopsice Walsall!



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Balustrades For Your Office

Different commercial spaces require different things, certain materials will create a specific tone for that space. If you want a modern, professional and sleek space that will impress, a balustrade from SHS will do the job.

At SHS Products we make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect solution. We supply balustrades for both internal and external applications, as well as for commercial properties not just domestic buildings.

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SHS Jargon Buster vol. 1 – Products Edition

Baffled by the balustrades? Muddled by the measurements? Well fear not, as we have created the ultimate guide in jargon-busting when it comes to balustrades and railings.

Volume one of the SHS Jargon-Buster will take you through some of our more obscure product names and some you may already know. Watch this space for future installments or if you’re feeling chatty call our team who are always happy to answer any questions you may have…on balustrades.

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Self-Closing Glass Gates for your Balustrade

At SHS we specialize in catering to your needs. Most of the balustrades we supply are bespoke. We aim to provide the most cost-efficient and relevant solution. Sometimes when planning on getting a balustrade, you need to consider whether you need to access the area behind it. If you don’t have stairs or a planned space to get through, that’s when a gate comes in handy!


SHS Latch and Hinge for Gates Continue reading

Inside the CAD Drawing Office

SHS Products work with highly-trained CAD technicians (CAD stands for Computer Aided Design). The members of the CAD team put their skills to use when  any part of the balustrade and handrail required cannot be completed with our standard off the shelf stock posts and parts.

Using state-of-the-art software, they produce accurate technically-specified drawings. The team work to specific dimensions supplied by either our customers or our in-house surveyors.


CAD Office - SHS Products - 3D Modelling - 2D Design

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