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Swimming Pool Fence Ideas & Inspiration

Let’s start with the fun stuff… You have a swimming pool. (Okay, sorry to those who might be at the planning only stage!) But for now let’s pretend you have a swimming pool; so life is great. Now for the more serious side of having your own private pool. For the sake of children and pets, it’s a good idea to have some sort of barrier around it, and you have so many options when it comes to which barrier to choose. There are cheaper and less durable ways to cordon off your pool area like mesh fencing, however for a more permanent and beautiful solution consider our glass, stainless steel and aluminium balustrades and railings. Below you can see examples of the systems we have found go great with pools.


SHS Products - Glass Stainless Steel Professional Balustrade used for Poolside Fencing

Professional Glass Balustrade System
Customisation options: Height, glass colour, glass thickness, glass type (toughened safety glass or toughened laminated) and handrail end cap.



Our Professional and Elegance systems are also available with self closing gates. Read more about these lockable gates here.



SHS Products - Glass Stainless Steel Professional Balustrade used for Poolside Fencing

Spigot Glass Balustrade System
Customisation options: Height, shape of Spigot (Round or Square), glass colour, glass thickness, glass type and whether you want a slotted handrail.


Mirror Polish

Whilst we do offer a satin finish on our steel components as standard, the next step up is a Mirror polish. This type of finish is smoother, shinier and more reflective, hence the name. This smoother surface is better at repelling the chemical and salt particles that are more frequent in areas near swimming pools and the coastline.


SHS Products - Glass Stainless Steel Professional Balustrade used for Poolside Fencing

Infinity Glass Balustrade System
Customisation options: Height, colour of aluminium posts, glass thickness and glass type.


Laminated Toughened Safety Glass

If you put to one side the colour of glass and size of glass, SHS Products offer two types of glass. These are Toughened Safety glass and Laminated Toughened glass. The difference between the two in short is that Laminated is made up of 2 panels of Toughened glass with an EVA plastic interlayer in between. This interlayer holds the glass together if its broken. Toughened glass as opposed to regular glass (also known as annealed glass) is that when it breaks the edges would be smoother and less dangerous.



Clarion 1 600x400

Clarion Glass Balustrade System
Customisation options: Height, glass thickness and glass type.


Building Regulations & Planning Permission

Building Regulations will apply whenever you require planning permission. Your planning permission guidelines will be dependent rules of your local council’s planning department. Currently there are no Building Regulations for swimming pool fencing although if you are placing a balustrade onto a decking area remember that if the decking height is below 600mm your balustrade will need to be a minimum height of 900mm and if it is over 600mm, the balustrade will need to be a min. height of 1100mm. For more detailed information please visit

SHS Jargon Buster vol. 3 – Products Edition

We’re back with another edition of the SHS Jargon Buster and this time around you can get clear on what some of our more obscure sounding products actually are. Read on balustrade buffs!

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Introducing Our Juliet Balcony
On Shakespeare’s Bday

SHS are proud to announce our Professional Juliet balconies that will be available to order online. When will they be available? That’ll be on Shakespeare’s birthday, (the one most people agree on) 24th April.

The Professional Juliet Balcony - SHS Products

The Professional Juliet Balcony

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Introducing our new Parasol Glass Canopies!

At SHS Products we are constantly on the search for new products to satisfy our discerning customers’ needs. Today we are excited to announce that we have two brand new Glass Canopies to offer… the Parasol and Parasol Plus Glass Canopies.

These canopies are perfect for both commercial and domestic applications; so whether you want to modernize the entrance to your office building or have something to keep raindrops off your head while you’re searching for your house keys, the Parasol canopies are a great choice. What’s the difference between the Parasol and the Parasol Plus?

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Steel Finishes: Satin vs. Mirror
– What’s the Difference?

Imagine this, you’re shopping for a new balustrade and you scroll through the specifications table to see ‘Satin’ and ‘Mirror’ in the ‘Finishes’ section… but what exactly is the difference?

Before we go into the differences let’s talk about their similarities. Both Satin and Mirror are types of Stainless Steel finish. Keep in mind that the finish is completely separate from the grades of the steel. At SHS Products we offer Grade 316 for both indoor and outdoor use as Grade 304 doesn’t fair well against the elements. However, some companies may only supply Grade 304 for indoor use. Our Stainless Steel can be polished and brushed to a Satin or Mirror finish, depending on your requirements. Stainless Steel does exactly what it says on the tin, it stains less! However, this doesn’t mean a little maintenance won’t be needed. No matter what the finish, we recommend you clean all areas of your balustrade every few months.

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SHS Jargon Buster vol. 2 – Planning Edition

We’re back with another edition of the SHS Jargon Buster, where we explain those terms in the balustrading business that can be confusing. This time around we’re focusing on terms related to planning your balustrade. Dive in and next time you chat to your builder you’ll sound like a pro.

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All About The Steel Rod Balustrade

Stainless Steel Rod Infill Balustrade BlogComplete your project with a Stainless Steel Rod Balustrade from SHS Products – Stainless Steel posts, connected by hollow Stainless Steel tubes topped off with a handrail for a contemporary look. Adaptable and customizable to the point where you can choose how many rows you would like; this balustrade can cater to many different needs.

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Charity Donations: The Big Cheque

Charity plays a very big part in our work at SHS Products. We always endeavour to assist where we can; whether that’s straightforward donations or holding events to raise money – It’s something we hold close to our hearts.

That’s why £5 from every full balustrade order goes into the ‘charity pot’, where at the end of the year, the money gets split between St Giles Hospice (Walsall) and The British Heart Foundation, who are our two chosen charities.

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