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Jargon Buster Vol. 6 (Infinity)

We’re back with the 1st installment of the SHS Jargon Buster 2018! Of course overall this is our sixth edition of the helpful jargon guide. This time we’ll be focusing on our Infinity glass balustrade system. Read on to find out more.


RAL7016Anthracite Grey/RAL7016

RAL7016 is also known as Anthracite Grey a navy tinged Grey colouring. This colour can be applied to Infinity posts and is our newest colour addition. Other standard colours available are Black, White, Silver Matt and Coastal Grey.


Powder Coated Aluminium

Powder coated aluminium is a type of aluminium that has been covered in dry paint that is electrically charged, this helps with adhesion. This process makes the metal hard wearing and extremely weather resistant meaning your Infinity or Palisade railing is low maintenance.


Infinity Corner Posts

Your Infinity balustrade posts all feature a ‘fin’ that is situated on the outside of your glass. When it comes to our 2 types of corner post, Inside Corner Post and Outside Corner Post, you can see the difference if we take a bird’s eye view.

Infinity Aluminium Balustrade Inside or Outside Corner Post


Outside Corner Post

This type of post has it’s glass insert areas at angles pointed away from it’s fin to allow for a corner to be created once the glass panels are inserted. You will have outside corner posts when your corner juts out into the void area that your balcony is protecting you from. It will depend on where the outside of your fitting area is. For instance if you have a U shaped balcony, you would be supplied with 2 outside corner posts. As can be seen below.

U shape Inf smartbuilder

Inside Corner Post

This type of post has it’s glass insert areas at angles pointed toward it’s fin to allow for a corner to be created once the glass panels are inserted. An Inside Corner Post will be required when your corner angles away from the void that your balcony protects you from. In the image below you can see the instances where outside and insider corners are required.

L shape Inf smartbuilder


Frameless Featured on Ugly House to Lovely House

Recently one of our beautiful balustrade systems was featured on Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke. Our Frameless balustrade was used as part of a fantastic upper deck over looking a picturesque green garden. The house was designed by architect Greg Blee for the family in Bournemouth.

The Show

The show initially aired in February 2016 and is now in its second season. Presented by George Clarke, who has also presented Amazing Spaces, the show has been backed by channel 4. It airs on Thursday nights at 8pm!

It features a different family home each week and shows the progression of their home improvement. They have several chosen architects to work on the various projects while staying within the limit of the family’s budget.



The House

The 80’s upside down house is set in Bournemouth and begins with a mismatch of rooms set all over the house. With the master bedroom downstairs and the children’s bedroom upstairs, the house wasn’t practical. The family also wanted a place for themselves to relax outside and enjoy the summer. At the end of the show the house was rearranged so all bedrooms are on the same floor and the living space is open plan. The main feature of the house is a layered deck with a glass balustrade.



The Balustrade

The balustrade was included in this beautiful design feature of the house and was used because of its uninterrupted views and sunken shoe effect. This means that you can see through the glass pane and no frame compromises your view of the garden.


The balustrade gives a smooth finish to a great piece of architecture and does not interrupt any of the breathtaking views. It produces an element of safety to the risen deck while the balustrade itself is sunk into the deck.



We would like to say a huge thank you to the Ugly House to Lovely House team and Martijn and Sally for our inclusion in the show and the project.

For more information on the shows that we’ve appeared on go and check out our TV Appearances page

For more information on our Glass Balustrades, then don’t hesitate to call a member of our team today!

Introducing the Afina Glass Balustrade!

SHS Products - Afina Glass Aluminium Balustrade


Give a big welcome to the newest addition to the SHS Products’ balustrade range; the Afina glass balustrade! This durable lightweight aluminium glass railing is exclusive to SHS and has the additional benefit of being easy to install.

Another benefit is that it’s unique design allows you to adjust the level of your glass panels from one side of the railing. This means your fitter can make sure your glass is plumb in safety from the internal side of your balcony.


SHS Products - AFINA all glass balustrade


Commercial & Domestic Building Use

The Afina balustrade lends itself extremely well to homes, offices as well as shopping centres, showrooms and more. It’s minimal obstructions to the view lets a property stand out and the occupiers truly enjoy their scenery. Our teams have designed and installed the Afina balustrade system on large construction projects here in the UK. We have the experience and knowledge to make the bespoke system to fit your project.



SHS Products - Afina Base Channel





This system was specifically designed to reduce the time it takes to install your system with it’s pre-assembled/pre-drilled track and one side glass levelling adjusters. Fitting the Afina system is simple and straightforward. You won’t have a million parts to fit together as our base channel comes pre-assembled. Once fixed to your ground surface with the glass panel inserted, simply adjust the screws or glass levellers inside the track with our supplied spanner. For a more in-depth look at fitting the Afina balustrade read our brochure here.




SHS Products - Afina Opaque Glass Balustrade


Care & Maintenance

This system also benefits from being constructed from anodised aluminium. This type of aluminium has many benefits including excellent corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and the process of anodising leaves the metal with a beautiful sheen.

SHS recommend regular annual maintenance of fasteners, as over time they may loosen and therefore need to be tightened as necessary.


For more information on this system or to find out how we can make a bespoke Afina system for you.

Indoor Glass and Railing Balustrade Inspiration

In this blog we look at the various ways that balustrades are used indoors to modernize various domestic and commercial spaces. We are taking you through three examples of indoor balustrades. We will explain to you where they can be used, which systems can be used and which systems we recommend.





Our balustrade systems are used as banisters in both commercial and domestic settings. We believe all of our balustrade systems do work for a project like this. However, this particular job uses our Professional system, in a commercial show room.

We recommend using either our Glass Button system, our Professional System or our Square Tube system. All of these systems apart from the Square Tube come with the option of side fitting which is a valuable option when going up stairs. It adds a clean and smooth finish to your banister without interrupting the flow of the stairs.


Mezzanine Balconies

architectural frameless interior


You could also use our balustrade systems for mezzanine floor balconies. The system above and below is our Frameless glass balustrade system that can come with a top rail if requested.

We would recommend our Frameless system as it allows light to flow through the room and opens the room up.



Indoor Swimming Pools

We do also offer balustrades as a guard for your swimming pool. The photograph above shows off our professional system as it separates the pool and Jacuzzi areas of this pool room. We recommend the Mirror polish for Stainless Steel in swimming pool areas.

We recommend using any of the following systems: Clarion, Spigot, Elegance or Professional. Our Clarion and Spigot systems offer maximum visibility. While our Elegance and Professional offer an optional glass gate.

Glass Balustrade Square Spigot Stainless Steel next to Swimming Pool

All of our systems are made with either Toughened or Toughened Laminated safety glass.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding our balustrades then don’t hesitate to call our team today!

How to install our Pinion Balustrade

Our Pinion Balustrade system is a Stainless Steel and glass system made up of steel posts with ‘arms’ that hold glass panels in place. This Balustrade is perfect for both internal and external uses, from balconies, decking or stairs. The Balustrade can also be customized with either clear or frosted glass in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Installing this Balustrade is easy, too!Pinion glass bannister

Items Supplied: Pre-drilled and Tapped posts with welded base plates, base covers and Pinion glass clamps
Items Needed: 10mm Allen key


Assembling Your Posts
  • First, you need to put the base cover onto the post and slip onto the base plate.
  • Next, you will need to remove the button from your pinion glass clamp.
  • Then, you will need to fix the curved arm half of your pinion clamp to your post with your 10mm Allen Key. The arm will line up with the pre-drilled holes in your glass panel.
  • You’ll then have to repeat this process with all of your other posts.
  • When you’ve finished that leave the other halves to one side until the glass has been inserted.


Installing Your Posts

For this one, you’ll need a few items:

Make sure you have, Masking Tape, A Marker Pen and a Spirit Level.

  • First, lay down the masking tape where your posts will be placed.
  • Then, place your post on top and slide up your base cover.
  • Next, proceed to mark the posts fixing holes with your marker pen.
  • Finally, Repeat this process for all the individual posts, otherwise the holes may not align correctly.

Once these processes have been completed this is how it should look:Pinion Post Design

Fixings for Each Material

Wood:                            drill a 6mm pilot hole 80mm, use M8 x 80mm stainless steel coach screws.

Metal:                            drill and tap M8, use M8 x 50 stainless steel bolts with locking washers.

Concrete:                     drill 8mm holes to depth of 80mm, use M8 x 100mm stainless steel floor anchor fixings.


Once you have positioned your post and inserted your fixings, tighten them by hand.

To ensure your posts are level hold the spirit level where the glass will run as well as at the front and back of the posts, then adjust the screws accordingly.

Once you have done this, repeat the process until all posts are level.


Inserting The Glass Panels

Items supplied: Glass panels, Rubber gaskets, glass clamps.

Items Needed: 2 x 80mm High Wooden Blocks, 6mm Allen Key

After you have completed the previous steps you can move on to the next set of instructions:

  • First, you need to insert the rubber gaskets into both sides of the glass clamp
  • Then, you need to place the two 80mm high wood blocks on the floor between the posts
  • Next, you will place the glass on the blocks and align the glass panel in position in between the glass clamps
  • Now you need to place the front of the glass clamps over the part of the glass clamp fitted to the post and replace both screws ensuring these are as tight as possible.
  • Repeat this process with glass panels and clamps.

Your pinion post should finally look like this:

Double Pinion Post and Glass Manip

If you have any queries or questions regarding this process, don’t hesitate to call a member of our team today!

Jargon Buster Vol.5 – Spigot Products Edition

Welcome back to another edition of the SHS Products Jargon Buster, today in Vol. 5 we’ll be demystifying Spigots. If this is your first time with us let us fill you in. The Jargon Buster is where we go through a few of the terms regularly used in the balustrade industry. Whilst some words are more obscure than others it’s always good to have a refresher on the basics as well.

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All About Spigot and Clarion Systems

The wait is over, we can finally introduce you all to our Spigot and Clarion glass balustrade systems.

Whether sitting by the pool, wrapped around a terrace or even placed outside surrounding a communal garden area, the Spigot and Clarion systems are ideal for both commercial and domestic projects. Constructed from Stainless Steel both base clamps come in a Satin polish finish as standard. These systems also have maximum glass panel widths (a.k.a maximum centres) of 1.5 metres. Materials you can safely fit these balustrades into with adequate blocking are Steel and Concrete materials.

So just what are the differences between these two systems?


Clarion Glass Balustrade

Clarion Glass Balustrade

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How To Prepare Your Fixing Area

When installing a balustrade, it is essential that you have the right parts and tools for the job. Part of the installation equation that people often forget is the proper preparation of the fixing area. As the place where your balustrade will sit, you can imagine it’s quite important that this area is ready for the application! So when preparing your fixing area, it’s important to remember the below points:

SHS Products Frameless Glass Balustrade on Stone Slabs


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Maintaining Your Aluminium Balustrade

If you have purchased our Infinity, Frameless or Palisade systems, then you have an aluminium balustrade. Congratulations! Read on for our comprehensive maintenance guide. Our aluminum rails are made from IAS components with precision fabricated parts that go through multi-level “Quality Assurance Program” to ensure the highest standards. These parts go through a 5-stage powder coating system. This system meets the most stringent AAMA performance requirements for durability on aluminium extrusions coatings.

Infinity Aluminium Glass Balustrade Near Saltwater Coastline

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