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4 Advantages of Glass Walls and Glass Balustrades

balustrade glass

Glass has been used as a material for making tools and decorative objects for centuries, so it’s no surprise that it’s popular for glass balustrades. The nineteenth-century saw the invention of equipment to manufacture sheet glass, making the production of window panes easy and fast. Today, glass is a feature in every home and commercial […]

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Should You Choose A Glass Canopy For Your Front Door?

Glass canopy door

  Beautiful, modern, stylish – a glass canopy can really make a lasting impression, giving your home that desirable ‘kerb appeal’.   Durable and affordable, a glass canopy can be a great alternative for your porch, creating the perfect finish for your home. If you’re thinking about making improvements to the front of your home, […]

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Handrail Brackets – What Are Your Options?

handrail brackets

The handrail is an integral part of your staircase, often sitting atop the balustrade to provide a sleek design finish. Handrails can also be an important wall-mounted feature, adding extra security, safety, and balancing of design to the staircase. A wall-mounted handrail is imperative to facilitating access up and downstairs for significant numbers of people […]

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Why a Glass Juliet Balcony Is the Perfect Addition to Your Home

Glass juliet balcony

Juliet balconies are placed in front of windows or door openings, creating outside space without the need for costly extensions. A Juliet balcony allows the use of outdoor space where you may previously not have had it, creating cohesion between your indoor and outdoor space. You won’t need planning permission to install a Juliet balcony, […]

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Is A Glass Balcony the Right Choice for You?

Is A Glass Balcony the Right Choice for You? A glass balcony offers a stylish touch to any property, by providing plenty of light for outdoor and indoor areas, as well as a sleek and contemporary finish. If you’re considering a balcony installation, take a look at this guide to help you decide if a […]

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Decking Handrails and Balustrades – How to Get Your Design Right

Decking handrails and balustrades offer a fantastic way of adding some stylish features to your home and garden. Decking is becoming more and more popular as people look to turn their outdoor space into an extension of their living space, providing areas for entertainment and relaxation. Creating the right look for your garden decking is […]

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How to Make Sure your Wire Balustrade is Safe

A wire balustrade can be a stylish addition to a range of indoor and outdoor projects in both domestic and commercial properties. Wire rope systems generally don’t comply with UK building regulations, which means they’re in a grey area when it comes to safety. As such, they may not be suitable for certain projects. It’s […]

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Outdoor Handrails and Bannisters – What Are Your Options?

Outdoor handrails and bannisters are more important than you might think. When mounted to a wall or forming part of a balustrade, they prevent people from falling and injuring themselves from a height or on stairs. According to statistics, without a handrail the likelihood of falling on a flight of stairs is doubled! Handrails are […]

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Metal handrails – Are They the Right Choice for Your Project?

Metal handrails are a staple in most public and private buildings. They’re often installed to help people use stairs, escalators, and balconies safely; minimising the risk of trips and falls. Benefits of metal handrails Handrails can be created using a range of different materials. These include wood, glass and plastic, all of which have some […]

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