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Palisade Aluminium Railing System


If you’re in the market for a more traditional look, the NEW Palisade system will deliver; this powder coated aluminium railing stands out from the crowd with variable caps including wired lighting options.



The Palisade system is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, including framing your patio, decking and garden areas, lining your stairs, internal walkways and more. We have a variety of caps available including flat and sphere powered or wired lighting.

Whether you need the system fitted to metal, brick or concrete we can supply the right materials for the job. Talk to one of our specialists when ordering to confirm your specification needs and visit our gallery for inspiration when designing your bespoke system.

The Palisade aluminium railing is a distinctive metal balustrade featuring a powder coated aluminium material in Textured Bronze, which is exclusive to SHS Products in the UK. Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your requirements. If you would like to fit the railing system yourself you’ll find the Palisade aluminium railing system is simple to install, even for DIY beginners. For further reference on installations visit our Installation Videos page and Product Guides page.

For further information contact us today, view our buying guide or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our Palisade railing is a perfect addition to most homes and we want to make getting perfection as easy as possible.

That’s why we manufacture, supply and can fit the system, although if you want to install yourself we have guides to aid you. Our team will be at the end of the telephone line when you have any questions.

Why should you have to decide between a good price and a high quality balustrade?

You don’t have to as SHS will provide both. Talk to one of our balustrade specialists today so we can help design a railing system to meet your exact specifications.

Maximum Panel Width 8 Foot/2.44m Colour Options Textured Bronze
Top & Bottom Rail 8 Foot/2.44m Cap Options Wired Lighting Cap,
Flat Cap
Material Powder Coated Aluminium Further Info Posts with base cover,
Stair Railings available
Compatible Fixings Metal – screws/nut & bolt,
Drill & tap steel OR
Bolt straight through
Compatible Fixings Brick or Concrete – Anchor bolts, Thunder bolts, Thread bar and resin.

Wood – Coach screws/bolts

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  • The Textured Bronze Palisade post is made from powder coated aluminium and is available in two sizes. The two sizes include the 38” high post and the 48” high post. The base cover for the Palisade railing upright post can be purchased separately here.

    £103.39£109.99 inc VAT
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  • The Palisade railing infill is available in 8ft lengths in the Textured Bronze colouring.

    £302.50 inc VAT
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  • When fitting to stairs you will require the Palisade stairs infill, available from SHS Products in Textured Bronze. This railing sits at 36” high and measures 8ft in length.

    £302.50 inc VAT
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  • This product would be fitted to the Palisade post and the Stair Infill. Brackets that sit at 32° – 36° will be angled down or up to allow for the Stair Infill to run up or down the stairs you are fitting to.

    £29.69 inc VAT
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  • The universal bracket allows for any angle to be set. The recommendation is for this to be used when fitting the Palisade railing system to stairs as it allows for the rails to follow the correct angle of the stairs. This product comes in a set of 4.


    £29.69 inc VAT
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  • The swivel top and bottom bracket is part of the Palisade railing system. The brackets are adjustable to allow for any angle needed. These brackets are typically used when dealing with corners.


    £58.29 inc VAT
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  • The stairs bracket fits an angle of 22.5° at the top and bottom of the stairway. This bracket is part of the Palisade railing system, which is made from powder coated aluminium. The brackets seen here come in a set of 2.


    £38.49 inc VAT
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  • Bracket adapters are for use in fitting the top and bottom rails to the posts as part of the Palisade railing system. These brackets are set at 45° and come in a set of 2.


    £38.49 inc VAT
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  • The base cover pictured here is part of the Palisade railing system. This part comes in Textured Bronze to match the rest of the system and slides easily over the post after fixtures have been applied.

    £10.99 inc VAT
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  • The Flat Cap also known as a Pyramid cap is 4” square and fits atop a Palisade system post.

    £10.99 inc VAT
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  • The Ball Cap is part of the Palisade railing range and comes in Textured Bronze and is made from Powder Coated Aluminium to match the posts and rails.

    It is 4” squared and slots easily onto the top of a Palisade post.

    Ball Cap

    £30.79 inc VAT
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  • The Low Voltage LED Light Cap is a component in the Palisade railing range. The 4” square cap is available in Textured Bronze and is made from Powder Coated Aluminium to match other Palisade products.


    £64.89 inc VAT
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