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11.5mm Laminated Glass Panel (per mtr) -Professional/Square Glass Balustrade

£132.00 inc VAT

The 11.5 Thick Toughened Laminated Glass Panel is approximately 918mm x 1000mm, with nominal radius corners and polished edges.


The Glass panel is laminated for extra safety and given a glossy finish. This product is also available in 1000mm x 1000mm provided for the Elegance Glass Balustrade System. The 11.5 Thick Toughened Laminated Glass is provided for the Professional and Square Tube Balustrade System.

To find out more about the Professional or Square tube system please view our online system brochure’s which can be found on the product download page here. The brochure provide a fittings breakdown, and can prove valuable when installation he balustrade system.


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