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Side-Fixed Clarion Clamp

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This glass clamp is the alternative to the standard Clarion clamp, and attaches to the side of your fixing area as well as on the top.

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Your fixing area will require an adequate depth and the type of fixing area will impact what fixings you use.

SHS Products will only recommend fixing the Side-Fixed Clarion balustrade to reinforced steel or concrete for safety.

It is supplied with rubber gaskets and 2 x grub screws to tighten the clamp once glass is in place. This product is made from Grade 316 Stainless Steel and features a long ‘leg’ to attach into the side of your fixing area.

This, combined with 17.5mm Toughened Laminated glass panels will create a great, minimalistic balustrade. Toughened Laminated glass is made up of an EVA plastic interlayer sandwiched between two panels of Toughened safety glass. When broken, this type of glass will be held together by the plastic interlayer.

Please note that you will need 3 x Side-Fixed Clarion clamps per panel of glass. The Side-Fixed Clarion balustrade does not have a top rail but a slotted handrail can be added.

To find out more about this system and how to fit it, read our handy brochure here. We do not recommend this system be fitted with only one person, for safety reasons.


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