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Our Professional Glass Balustrades

A Stunning Internal and External Glass Balustrade System

The Professional Glass Balustrade system offers glass frames with cylindrical posts topped with a smooth railing for comfort. They are available in satin or mirror finish, and are ideal for internal and external decking, balcony or stairway applications.



per metre*

Typical Example

*When bought as a full system excluding VAT and DELIVERY (RRP £75). Additional optional costs may apply, subject to requirements. Cost of Stainless Steel and glass components included. Prices are subject to change, please contact our team for further information.

UK’s leading manufacturer of Glass and Stainless Steel.

The Professional Glass Balustrade system is perfect for internal and external areas that require a modern, clean look. This system will suit stairs, balconies, pool fencing and decking with mirror and satin finishes for handrails that are a delight to touch and toughened glass for durability.

Further customize this system with clear or frosted glass in a range of sizes for a stunning addition to your domestic property or commercial project.

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Whatever you’re looking for in a glass balustrade system, we’ll provide a solution. SHS wants to work with you to achieve your dream. Our team of CAD specialist technicians will work with you to create a personal tailored design. Get in touch with one of our friendly team to discuss your options and find the right solution for you. We won’t abandon you once you’ve paid, our enthusiastic service team will ensure your questions are answered and you are confident fitting your internal or external glass balustrade system.

See how other customers have benefited from working with SHS in our 5 star reviews below.

For more information on our professional balcony, stair and decking balustrades please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Your home is your castle and when adding to that castle you want to be secure in any purchases you make. That is why at SHS we will help you through the design, ordering and installation process.

If you have any questions during and after you have bought with us, give us a call, email or fill in our contact form and the team will be happy to help. We give a great service but you don’t have to believe us, below you can find our 5 star Trustpilot reviews.

Having worked on thousands of commercial projects we understand what you require from a balustrade system, the right price and a durable stylish product. With the Professional decking balustrade system you can have both, contact us today to find out more.

We will work with you to ensure the balustrade system meets building regulations and if you choose to use our fitters they will work with your team to ensure a smooth installation. The Professional system is test certified for strength to ensure safety.

Maximum Centres 1200mm Post Finishes Satin OR Mirror
Material Grades GRADE 304 (INTERNAL)
Glass Options Coloured (10mm only),
Clear OR Frosted
Glass Thickness 10mm Toughened,
12mm Toughened
& 10.76mm Laminated
Base Plates
100mm diameter/105mm cover
120mm diameter/125mm cover
Standard Height
(To top of rail)
1100mm Compatible
Wood, Metal &
Brick OR Concrete
Post & Glass
(Prices vary)
Post Construction Welded base plate
Glass clamps
Tube support to top
Tube Diameters 42.4mm

Balustrade Test Certificate for StrengthSHS Products - Balustrade system is building regulations compliantSHS Products - Manufactured in the UK

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  • The end post is 42.4m Dia@ 1078mm high. Our end post will be welded base plate, cover, 2 glass clamps & tube saddle to the top. The Stainless Steel end post will be grade 316.

    End Post

    £66.00 inc VAT
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  • The Intermediate/ mid post is 42.4mm Dia@ 1078mm high – the drill holes are 180 degrees from each other with welded base plates, cover, 4 glass clamps & tube saddle to the top.

    Intermediate / Mid Post

    £78.00 inc VAT
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  • The Corner Post is 42.4mm Dia@ 1078mm high, with the drill holes separated 90 degrees from each other.

    Corner Post

    £78.00 inc VAT
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  • This Stainless Steel Tube is 42.4mm Dia and is grade 316 of Stainless Steel. This products is provided cut to 3 metre lengths.

    £54.00 inc VAT
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  • This component measures at 63mm by 45mm and is made from Grade 316 Stainless Steel meaning it is suitable for external use.

    Glass Clamp – Flat Back

    £9.00 inc VAT
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  • The Glass Clamp Rubbers seen here are for use with the Flat Back Glass Clamps. This item comes in a set of 2 at the price shown.

    £0.36 inc VAT
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  • The adjustable corner saddle is 42.4mm Dia, attached to the saddle is a 42.4mm adjustable elbow to achieve different angles for the top rail and, a 42.4mm End Cap to slot into the top of the upright post. This product comes in grade 316 of Stainless Steel (advised for exterior use).

    £44.92 inc VAT
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  • The 90°Elbow is available in 42.4mm Dia Stainless Steel grade 316. Similar to other Stainless Steel products at SHS the grade 316 Stainless Steel is recommended for exterior use. The 90°Elbow is used to connect pieces of tube to create a 90 degree angle.

    90° Elbow

    £12.00 inc VAT
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  • The Upright Clamp/ wall flange is to suit a 42.4mm round tube, the Stainless Steel is grade 316, for external use.

    £12.00 inc VAT
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  • The Tube connector is 42.4mm, Stainless Steel grade 316 for exterior use. This product is for connecting the two piece of handrail/ tube together.


    Tube Connector

    £7.73 inc VAT
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  • The End Cap fixes onto the Stainless Steel tube and post ends. It’s the final piece to the Balustrade puzzle, fixed with the SHS Products glue.


    End Cap

    £3.50 inc VAT
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  • The 11.5 Thick Toughened Laminated Glass Panel is approximately 918mm x 1000mm, with nominal radius corners and polished edges.

    £120.00 inc VAT
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  • This 10mm toughened glass panel seen here one of our thinnest toughened glass we provide (8mm is our thinnest), with nominal radius corners and polished edges.

    £72.00 inc VAT
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  • The product pictured here is a 50ml bottle of SHS Products Glue, used for bonding the Stainless Steel parts together.

    Glue 50ml

    £21.00 inc VAT
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  • The Stainless Steel cleaning fluid is to be used once the installation is complete and for any long term maintenance. The cleaning fluid comes in a 400ml can.

    £15.00 inc VAT
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  • This Scotchbrite cloth comes in a medium A size 155mm x 115mm.

    £1.80 inc VAT
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