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Self-Closing Glass Gates for your Balustrade

At SHS we specialize in catering to your needs. Most of the balustrades we supply are bespoke. We aim to provide the most cost-efficient and relevant solution. Sometimes when planning on getting a balustrade, you need to consider whether you need to access the area behind it. If you don’t have stairs or a planned space to get through, that’s when a gate comes in handy!


SHS Latch and Hinge for Gates
There are a few options when it comes to gates, so you’re sure to find something that fits your requirements. The systems that we can incorporate gates into are Professional, Elegance and Pinion. The gates we offer for glass balustrades consist of stylish, architectural-quality gate hinges and a latch. The 8mm clear glass is perfect for keeping the visibility while still having the security of a gate.


Easy Install Hinges

The hinges are made from tough polymers and the covers are finished with protected metal surfacing which guards against rust, binding, sagging, staining and chipping. Each pair of glass hinges is supplied with a handy installation kit and can close glass gates weighing up to 25kg!

The hinges are attached in two places on the post (top and bottom) and hold the glass steady in a similar fashion to how glass clamps would. These self-closing hinges are spring-loaded and gently swing the gate closed when released. The self-closing tension can be adjusted, too. Opposite but in line with the hinges, the latch is the part to keep your gate closed – it couldn’t be simpler!

SHS Latch and Hinge for Gates

Designed By You

These gates are not a stock item and can’t be purchased through our online shop. Not to worry though, our sales team make the process of choosing your system speedy and simple.

To find out how easy it is to add a glass gate to your glass balustrade
call us today on 01922 743 842 or fill in one of our short contact forms!



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