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SHS Jargon Buster vol. 2 – Planning Edition

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We’re back with another edition of the SHS Jargon Buster, where we explain those terms in the balustrading business that can be confusing. This time around we’re focusing on terms related to planning your balustrade. Dive in and next time you chat to your builder you’ll sound like a pro.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations are the minimum requirements for design, construction and alterations to buildings as dictated by the UK government.  Planning Permission and Building Regulations are different things, but you may need both for your project. To save you going through the entire governmental guide, skip to Part K of the Building Regulations 2010 document entitled “Protection from falling, collision and impact” for the rules relating to balustrades.

Building Regs Guide - Part K Balustrades and Barriers SHS Jargon Buster Guide


Planning Permission

Planning Permission is what the planning department of your local council will allow you to do to your property. an do a certain piece of building work. If you have any questions about Planning Permission, they are your first point of contact. Decisions will vary depending on which council you’re working with.

Planning Permission for Balustrades and Barriers Jargon Buster Guide SHS Products



CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. We turn to our CAD Team (Read about them here!) whenever your balustrade cannot be made with off-the-shelf posts and components. Using state-of-the-art CAD software, they produce accurate technically-specified drawings. The team work to specific dimensions supplied by either our customers or our in-house surveyors.

CAD Computer Aided Design SHS Products Jargon Buster


Outside Measurements

The outside measurements are the measurements around the outside of the area you are applying the balustrade to.



Centreline Measurements

The centreline measurement is the measurement from the centre of the first post on the run to the centre of the last post on the run. Do this for each run and viola! You have your centreline measurements.



Maximum Centres

The ‘Maximum Centre’ is the maximum amount of space you can have between the centres of two balustrade posts. You’ll see this phrase in all of the specifications tables on this website, we wouldn’t supply balustrades with larger centres than stated as this would weaken the strength of the balustrade.


We’ll be back with more Jargon busting knowledge but in the mean time if there are any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Twitter, fill in a form or call one of our friendly staff.



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