SHS Jargon Buster Vol. 4 – Stairs Edition

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We’re back again with another edition of our SHS Jargon Buster. This time we’ll be exploring the terms used for measuring your stairs to fit a balustrade or railing.

Stairs are complex areas to fit railings or balustrades to, due to all the different angles and measurements required that need to be completely accurate. A lot of our customers measure their own fitting areas and that’s why we’re here to help with the lesser known terminology when measuring up your stair space.

Whilst you may know angles, depths and width, did you know…

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Going/Stair Tread

This is the depth of the step. If you imagine just one step, the going is the distance from the front edge of that step (nose) to the back of the step. Also known the stair tread, with that name coming from the fact that this part of the step is what you would walk on.



Again if you imagine one step, the rise is the height of that step from the floor to the top of that step.



The name might give it away, but the overhang is the part of the step that juts out over the front of the riser.



The nose or nosing is the horizontal edge of the step that juts out.



The stringer is the piece of material that sits on the side of the stairs that acts as side panel.


Raking Nose to Nose

The raking is the distance from the bottom nose to the top nose on a staircase.


If you’re measuring up your stairs remember to check out our handy instruction video here. For more information on measuring up your balustrade contact our team today! Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be back with another edition of the SHS Jargon Buster soon.




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