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SHS Jargon Buster Vol.8 – Wire Rope Balustrade Products

It’s time for another edition of the SHS Products Jargon Buster. Today in Vol. 8 we are simplifying the Wire Rope balustrade. In the SHS Jargon Buster we go through some of the terms used in the balustrade industry and attempt to simplify them for you. Whilst some words are more obscure than others it’s always […]

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Balustrade Products – SHS Jargon Buster Vol. 3

We’re back with another edition of the SHS Jargon Buster, and this time around we’re providing clarity on what some of our more obscure sounding balustrade products actually are. Read on balustrade buffs!   Drain Block A drain block is an aluminium U-Shaped sheet. This is installed below the channel shoe of our Frameless balustrade, […]

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All you need to know about the Wire Rope Balustrade

One of our classic balustrade systems and probably the most widely-recognised is the wire rope balustrade system. This balustrade is incredibly adaptable and is seen everywhere, from domestic homes, commercial spaces and even boats! The minimalistic design is what gives the wire rope balustrade system its desirable appeal. […]

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SHS Wire Rope Balustrade Featured on Love Your Garden

SHS wire rope balustrade systems featured on Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh. Our Wire Rope balustrade was used as part of a fantastic cruise ship inspired pleasure garden. This was created in Eastleigh near Southampton; for Rosie Mitchell, a truly inspirational person. Alan’s team easily assembled the Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrade.     […]

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