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All you need to know about the Wire Rope Balustrade

One of our classic balustrade systems and probably the most widely-recognised is the Wire Rope Balustrade System. This balustrade is incredibly adaptable and is seen everywhere from domestic homes, commercial spaces and even boats! The minimalistic design is what gives this system its desirable appeal.


This balustrade features stainless steel posts that can be made to measure and are connected by wire rope infill. The system is then topped off with a cylindrical top rail. At SHS products we work as closely to your bespoke needs as possible, and with this particular balustrade you can even specify how many rows of infill you would like! (Although the standard number of rows is 5)


Domestic Usage

SHS Products - Stainless Steel Balustrade - Wire Rope Infills

When working on your home you need the security of knowing that you’re buying quality and that the fit is right. What you’ll get when ordering from SHS is a wire balustrade system designed completely to your specifications. When you call our team, they will go through your options and advise you on the right system for you. From there, our CAD team produce drawings for you and we get to making your system!


Stainless Steel Finish

Stainless Steel – Lack of knowledge in this area is a major cause of problems. Most specifiers and designers understand the importance of selecting a grade of stainless steel. For example, 1.4301 (304) or 1.4401 (316), but surface finish is just as important. Explore the subject is fully in The Importance of Surface Finish in the Design of Stainless Steel.


Care and Maintenance

Some people think that stainless steel’s corrosion resistant surface somehow repels dirt and other contaminants. Like any other surface, stainless steel requires some maintenance! We advise our customers to clean your Wire Rope Balustrade twice a year to keep it sparkling; washing it with mild soap or detergent and warm water before finishing it off with a clear water rinse.





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