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Steel Wire Balustrade Systems

Stunning Steel Wire Rope Balustrading

Let us introduce you to our wire balustrade systems that features stainless steel posts connected by wire rope infill with a cylindrical top rail.


£99 per metre*

Typical Example

*When bought as a full system excluding VAT and DELIVERY (RRP £25). Additional optional costs may apply, subject to requirements. Cost of Stainless Steel and wire components included. Prices are subject to change, please contact our team for further information.

UK’s leading manufacturer of Glass and Stainless Steel.

Fixable to wood, metal or brick, this versatile wire rope balustrade system can be used internally or externally to add something special to your garden, walkways or stairs.

This system features steel posts that can be made to measure as well as the option to specify the number of wire rows you want.

We have fitted this system in commercial and domestic properties and as part of bespoke installations, visit our Gallery to see what our customers have achieved.

Need further guidance? Read our Balustrade Buying, Installation & Maintenance Guide


What you’ll get when ordering from SHS is a wire balustrade system designed to your specifications. When you call our team they will go through your options and advise you on the right system for you. From there our CAD team produces your drawing design and we get to making your system. SHS pride ourselves on service, so when in need contact our aftersales service if you have any queries regarding your wire rope balustrade system. We want you to be completely confident when fitting the system take advantage of our Installation Videos and Product Guides.

Not convinced? Have a look at our 5 star reviews from our happy customers.


When working on your home you need the security of knowing your that you’re buying quality and that the fit is right.

SHS will work with you to design the right system and can also fit the wire rope balustrade.

SHS have worked on many commercial projects and know what you need in a balustrade system including style, durability and a great price.

We can deliver on all these requirements, call us today to speak with one of our balustrade specialists.

Maximum Centres 1200 – 1500mm Post Finishes Satin OR Mirror
Material Grades GRADE 304 (INTERNAL)
Post Measurements MADE TO MEASURE
(Prices vary)
Tube Diameters 42.4mm Base Plates Available 100mm, 105mm cover
120mm, 125mm cover
Standard Height 1100mm (To top of rail) Compatible Fixings Wood, Metal, Brick OR Concrete
Standard No. of Rows 5
(more or less rows
available, prices will vary)
Post Construction Welded base plate, Cover,
Holes for wire,
Tube support for top
Wire Thickness 4mm Top Rail Must have top rail

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View Our Products

  • 1078mm high Corner Post with a 42.4mm diameter supplied by SHS Products in Grade 316 Stainless Steel for use in external environments.

    £66.00 inc VAT
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  • The Intermediate Mid Post listed here is 1078mm high with a diameter of 42.4mm. Supplied in Grade 316 Stainless Steel, meaning it is suitable for outdoor use.

    £66.00 inc VAT
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  • The End Post listed here is the Wire Rope End Post. This item measures in at 1078mm high with a 42.4mm diameter for the tube.

    £57.00 inc VAT
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  • The Wire Rope pictured here is supplied in 50 metre lengths with a wire thickness of 4mm.

    £59.95 inc VAT
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  • The product listed here is a Swage Fork Terminal. Made from Grade 316 Stainless Steel, this part can be used for outside areas.

    Swage Fork Terminal

    £9.00 inc VAT
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  • The Swage Rigging Screw is a Grade 316 Stainless Steel component, meaning this is it suitable for outdoor use.

    Swage Rigging Screw

    £14.40 inc VAT
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  • The item pictured here is the M6 Eyelet, which is used for fixing the 4mm thick Wire Cable to Wooden posts.

    Eyelet – Wood

    £3.00 inc VAT
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  • The M6 Eyelet is made from Grade 316 Stainless Steel, meaning it is suitable for outdoor use.

    Eyelet – Metal

    £3.00 inc VAT
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  • The item pictured here is a cable holder, this is used to secure the 4mm thick wire rope as it runs through the Stainless Steel Intermediate/Mid post after tension has been applied.

    Cable Holder

    £3.00 inc VAT
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  • The Hydraulic Crimping tool is part of the Wire Rope Balustrade system and is essential for fitting the 4mm wire rope into the fork and turnbuckle component that helps to secure the wire throughout the balustrade system.

    £95.85 inc VAT
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  • This Stainless Steel Tube is 42.4mm Dia and is grade 316 of Stainless Steel. This products is provided cut to 3 metre lengths.

    £54.00 inc VAT
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  • The adjustable corner saddle is 42.4mm Dia, attached to the saddle is a 42.4mm adjustable elbow to achieve different angles for the top rail and, a 42.4mm End Cap to slot into the top of the upright post. This product comes in grade 316 of Stainless Steel (advised for exterior use).

    £44.92 inc VAT
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  • The 90°Elbow is available in 42.4mm Dia Stainless Steel grade 316. Similar to other Stainless Steel products at SHS the grade 316 Stainless Steel is recommended for exterior use. The 90°Elbow is used to connect pieces of tube to create a 90 degree angle.

    90° Elbow

    £12.00 inc VAT
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  • The Upright Clamp/ wall flange is to suit a 42.4mm round tube, the Stainless Steel is grade 316, for external use.

    £12.00 inc VAT
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  • The Tube connector is 42.4mm, Stainless Steel grade 316 for exterior use. This product is for connecting the two piece of handrail/ tube together.


    Tube Connector

    £7.73 inc VAT
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  • The End Cap fixes onto the Stainless Steel tube and post ends. It’s the final piece to the Balustrade puzzle, fixed with the SHS Products glue.


    End Cap

    £3.50 inc VAT
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  • The product pictured here is a 50ml bottle of SHS Products Glue, used for bonding the Stainless Steel parts together.

    Glue 50ml

    £21.00 inc VAT
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  • The Stainless Steel cleaning fluid is to be used once the installation is complete and for any long term maintenance. The cleaning fluid comes in a 400ml can.

    £15.00 inc VAT
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